No point in the Partner program

Tomas Ahlbeck
3 min readDec 7, 2023

I have been a member of the Partner program for a few years on and off. It has not given me anything but a hole in my wallet. So now it is time to drop it.

To begin with, the marketing Medium does through the Medium Daily Digest does not give new or small writers any help in reaching an audience. Most (all) links are from writers with big crowds of followers. It’s not like they need the push from Medium to get readers.

The smaller or new writers get no help to reach out at all. We pay our 5 USD/month and all our money just pay the marketing of other writers articles. We in reality sponsor the big ones and don’t get anything in return.

Since it is possible to post texts on Medium without paying the fee, there is no real point in being a paying member at all. Not until Medium wakes up and takes care of ALL paying members and not just those who are big.

Oh, you say, but you DO get a lot for your money. And to be fair, I do. I get to read more articles than the three free ones per day that everyone else gets. I also get statistics over my articls. Statistics that really is useless since Medium does nothing to point readers to my articles. And I also get access to their support. Which does not answer any questions. So for me as a niche writer with a small following, Medium is more or less pointless. Maybe I am wrong, but then it is up to them to prove I am.

And now they also have launched somethingthey call Friend of Medium. Which if I understand it correctly is a way to get us who they don’t promote at all a way to pay even more than today for not being promoted. 15 USD is the price, and as a writer I will get 4 times more than today. Which in reality means I will get four times more out of nothing than today, since the main problem still is the fact that they only promote those who already have lots of followers on the Daily Digest, and not us who need support to reach readers.

I will try Vocal media and see if their approach to us writers is more fair than the one that Medium has. And as soon as my subscription here ends I will keep posting, but for free.


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