A stripped view on task management

I have a confession: I am not following the GTD rules.

Tomas Ahlbeck
3 min readJul 21, 2023

I tried but I never got anything done, I just got lost and the list of undone things just got longer and longer.

Why? Well, I am not structured enough I guess. If I put a date on a thing to do, I forget about it and then I either move it forward when the date comes, or I get stressed since I have forgotten about it. That is why an app like Things3 — otherwise a very good app indeed — does not help me with getting anything done.

I then stumbled over a guy called Carl Pullein, and watched a few of his videos on Youtube. I even took some of his courses online. And I tried to adapt his thoughts on my way of thinking. I’mnot going to call him my “todo guru”, but that was when I started to realise that I was spending too much time looking for the app of all apps. And realised that instead of ONE app, I should use THREE.

These are the apps I now use for my task and project management:
- Apple Reminders
- Apple Calendar
- Apple Notes

In Reminders I have the possibility to add smart folders. I have one I call “Important” and there is where all todos that I have flagged or put as high priority end up.



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