How to pick a to-do app for the Apple OS-family

For many many years I have been using the app 2Do as my main todo-app. It was-and still to some extent is-a very capable app with many ways to customise the way you want to show, add and work with your reminders. Because that is what todo is: reminders. At least in my workflow.

But lately I feel it has been falling behind other apps, and the development seems to have if not died at least been put to a halt.

I see two reasons for this:

  • According to their blog, the company behind 2Do has acquired the two apps…

Email apps for the Apple universe-update 2021

In my earlier article “Lost in a jungle of email apps” I wrote about a few email apps for iOS and MacOS. I the landed in recommending an app called Spark. However, since then much has happened and new information has emerged. Spark has in my opinion lagged behind especially in the Mac-version and is now not nearly as good as many alternatives. And by now I have changed my view on Airmail, and that makes me feel I need to update my views on apps for iOS and iPadOS.

When it comes to Airmail, I paid full price in…

Genealogy on a Mac: what to choose

In the days of Covid 19, many people try to find ways to spend their time during lockdowns. One way is to take up genealogy.
Nowadays there are many programs available, but two of the main contestants are Reunion by Leisterpro and MacFamilytree by Synium.

I have been using both these on and off for many years, sometimes even side by side. I have in the past made Swedish localisations for both these programs, and I like them both. …

“Goddammit! This is SOO good! Check it out! Damn it, it’s SOO fucking great!”

Dagobert was obviously totally sold on the new rock-album he brought home to the dorm, waving it around in the air above his head. The album cover was a black and white photo of four longhaired guys in jeans and leather jackets, leaning against a wall and with the text Ramones in big red letters all over it. The album cover stated that the albums name was Rocket to Russia. …

”Have you spoken to her?”
”Not yet”

The two parent were wispering to each other so that their daughter wouldn’t hear. Father glanced over at the daughter. No, she didn’t seem to have heard. She seemed busy trying to fish out her left eye from the bowl of cornflakes in front of her. The father leaned over, took the spoon from his daughters remaining hand and fished out the eye and gave it to her.
“Now, put that in place and don’t drop it again. If you loose it you won’t get a new one you know.”

The mother gave…

Lost in a jungle of email apps

I’m the type of person that whenever I see an app I just HAVE TO install it to try it out. Regardless what it is supposed to do, regardless if I ever will have any use for it. And after opening it and closing it a few times I have uninstalled it. And then install next update a week later and uninstall it again. And so on. The apps I spend most time installing and uninstalling are email apps.

Now, you might think “why doesn’t he just choose one and stay with it?”. That is a very good question indeed…

“It’s ok, I saved the laptop!”

Victoria Station London
Victoria Station London

I just returned from UK to Sweden after a week of standup gigs in and around London. This was also the first time I met my friend Philip-a cult comedian on the British standup circuit. He was quite well known by the British comedians, and the fact that he was in the crowd to give me support made the other comedians treat me with some respect.

We had been in contact online a couple of years earlier when I helped him restore his webforum which had been hacked, but we had never met in real life. …

No, I won’t retire

These last years have been a pain in the butt. After some time of unemployment I got a job that seemed promising but really was like working at a madhouse. Without organisation and a chairman that had no competence in running the organisation on a daily basis but still had to interfere all the time.

I finally had to leave due to burn out syndrome. It was either leave or die.
After that I moved from Stockholm to Trelleborg, and got a temp job at Malmö Stad. It was a job I really enjoyed, but since they had no money in…

Memories from Madcap Comedy

A few years ago I and my daughter Jasmine ran a few standup clubs around Sweden. We called them Madcap Comedy, except for in Stockholm where it was named Edge Comedy. The idea was to give new and upcoming comedians the chance to perform outside their comfort zones, and with more established comedians in order to improve as standup acts. We never made any money from them. In reality the only ones that got anything out of it economically were the comedians and the taxman.

We ran clubs in Kalmar, Eskilstuna, Alingsås and Stockholm. we used to have one main…

Tomas Ahlbeck

Standup comedian, writer & diabetic. ‘Sweden’s own dirty uncle, brilliant writing and some very dark humour.”

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